Heine 2.5x Binocular Loupes on S-Frame with LoupeLight (Used - As New)

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Medical Equipment
Heine 2.5x Binocular Loupes with LoupeLight & MPack ll
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Used - AS NEW!

~The optimal loupe is as individual as your work.
  • Less tired / strain even during long procedures.
  • High resolution with crisp images.
  • Perfect Loupe set for fine scalp and scar work.

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HECC00832450 + C-008.32.384
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I have found this this Loupe set with lighting kit to be invaluable for fine medical tattoo work such as Scalp Micropigmentation, fine scar work, and any procedure that requires close examination, after trying most Loupe sets on the market I discovered that there is no comparison to the quality and crispness of the image with Heine 2.5x Binocular Loupes.

This carefully used set is in pristine condition and the price is half of the current retail price.

Details: HR 2.5x Set 340mm - i-View loupe mount + S-FRAME & M Pack II
  • Crisp, high-resolution image.
  • Large field of view.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multi-coated Achromatic Optics.
  • Less tired / strain even during long procedures.
  • Perfect Loupe set for fine scalp and scar work.
  • Includes mPack II Power Pack with Battery and Plug-In Transformer (longer working time than the mini).
  • HEINE Loupelight 2 is the most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists

Listing Includes
  1. HR 2.5x optics with 340mm working distance with i-View on S-FRAME
  2. LoupeLight2
  3. mPack LL (Higher capacity and longer work time than the mini)
  4. mPack Belt Clip
  5. plug-in transformer
  6. Protective lenses
  7. 2 sterilisable levers
  8. Retaining cord
  9. Cleaning cloth
  10. Carrying case

Loupes - Instructions for Use (1,440 Kb) [Download]

iView - Instructions for Use (970 Kb) [Download]

S Frame - Instructions for Use (620 Kb) [Download]

Headlight - Instructions for Use (2,767 Kb) [Download]

Loupes & Lights - Brochure (705 Kb) [Download]

Mpack - Instructions (2,608 Kb) [Download]

LoupeLight User Report - Dr.Schneider (100 Kb) [Download]

Loupes - Cleaning Instructions (705 Kb) [Download]

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