About Andrea Darby


Andrea has always had a natural artistic flair which she has expressed in a variety of ways such as antique restorations, painting, interior design, and fashion design, and she has worked professionally in many artistic fields.

In 1985 Andrea completed her Diploma in Beauty Therapy it was then that she was first introduced to Cosmetic Tattooing and Andrea has had strong ties to the Beauty industry ever since, shortly after becoming a Beauty Therapist Andrea also furthered her knowledge by completing her diploma in art and design.

Andrea operated her busy salon for private clients based in Elwood, Melbourne for over 20 years; clients have travelled from around Australia and from numerous international destinations to obtain Cosmetic, Medical and Training Tattoo services from Andrea. Andrea's services often favoured by members of the medical profession for their own treatments due to the exceptional clinical procedural standards and high quality outcomes.

CTshop.com.au was created by Andrea in 2010 initially to provide new students of cosmetic tattooing with an affordable option for equipment and supplies, and quickly becoming the go to online shop for all things cosmetic tattooing. CTshop.com.au also became the exclusive distributor of Amiea, German manufacturer MT Derm’s own brand, making it the first cosmetic tattooing shop in Australia to sell high end German manufactured digital cosmetic tattooing machines to trained technicians.

Other Education & Training Specific to Cosmetic Tattoo Industry

• Certificate: Design & Perform Cosmetic Tattoo - Melbourne Australia
• Certificate: Pain Management, Advanced Lip Procedures, Hair Like Stroke Eyebrows & Problem Solving - Melbourne Australia
• Certificate: Advanced Full Lip - Melbourne Australia
• Certificate: Tattoo Removal - Brisbane Australia
• Clinical Procedures & Infection Prevention - Melbourne Australia
• Certificate: Paramedical Tattooing - MCA, Camouflage, Mastopexy - Melbourne Australia
• Certificate: Pain Control Safety & Effectiveness - AAM
• Use of Advanced Digital Machines & Intelligent Prototypes - Berlin Germany
• Use of Full Needle Range Including Slopes, Ditto & V slope - Berlin Germany
• Application of MESO-Vytal Cell Boost Treatments - Berlin Germany
• Areola Artistry - Royal College of Surgeons London
• Certificate: IV in Training & Assessment TAA40104, Vocational Education & Course Design - Melbourne Australia
• Camouflage Makeup for Medical Conditions - Caserta Italy
• Certificate: IV in Training & Assessment TAE40104, Vocational Education & Course Design Melbourne Australia
• Medical Tattooing Master Class - United Kingdom
• Developers intended use of use of Vslope & Ditto Needle Systems - Hawaii
• 3D Eyebrows - Estonia
• Eye Shadowing / Butterfly Eyeliner (yet another technique) - Estonia
• International Master of Skin Management - Berlin Germany
• American Academy of MicroPigmentation Conference 2014 Bahamas
• Diplomat American Academy of MicroPigmentation (Board Certified) - Bahamas
• Board Certified MicroPigmentation Instructor AAM - Bahamas
• PhiBrows MicroBlading Training with Branco Babic - Las Vegas
• First Australian to be Certified by the PhiBrows MicroBlading Academy
• Congress of Permanent Cosmetics Berlin 2016 - Germany
• Certificate: High Definition Full Lips with James Olaya - Berlin Germany
• Certificate: Nanobrows - Nanotechnology applied to realistic eyebrows with Alan Spadone and Elena Nikora - Berlin Germany
• Certificate: Davidbrow - Combined MicroBlading Techniques with David Zang - Berlin Germany
• Certificate: Realistic Eyebrows - Combining Strokes and Shadow with Ennio Orsini - Berlin Germany
• Certificate: Scalp Pigmentation - Combined Techniques and Technology with Toni Belfatto - Berlin Germany
• SHBBINF001- Maintain Infection Control Standards - Eze Training Melbourne
• Infection Control training - COVID 19 - Department of Health - Melbourne 2020

Personal Study & Research in Conjunction with our International Expert Advisory Network

• Causes and prevention of salon acquired infections
• Advanced eyebrow design techniques
• Specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques for paramedical applications
• Vocational education course design and delivery
• Use of technology and multimedia to enhance student knowledge retention
• Skin colour and pigment colour interactions
• Contraindications for and absolute preclusions from cosmetic tattooing
• Video microscopy for instructional use
• The spectral characteristics of human skin
• Pigment depth and its effects on colour results
• Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing™
• 3D-SAT™ - 3Dimensional Simulative Areola Tattooing
• Virtual Pigment Mixer™ - Online interactive pigment mixing simulation
• Collaborative marketing frameworks for personal and health service industries
• Causes of cosmetic tattoo colour change

Major Industry Specific Presentations & Training Events

Scalp Micropigmentation: A solution for camouflage male & female hair loss - Permanent International Berlin 2012
Adding Cosmetic Tattoo to Your Salon  - Reed Exhibitions Sydney 2013
Medical MicroPigmentation for Health Professionals - St Vincent’s Hospital Birmingham USA 2014
3 Dimensional Simulative Areola Tattooing - American Academy of MicroPigmentation Miami 2014
Panel of Experts - Scalp MicroPigmentation - AAM Bahamas 2014
Formal Industry Specific Research   Scalp MicroPigmentation Workflow - 2013/14 (lead researcher)
Areola Diameter Relative to Breast Size (client satisfaction survey) - 2011/13 (lead researcher)
Client Disposition Analysis & Service Customisation - 2013/14 (lead researcher)
Warm vs. Cool Colours (evaluation survey) - 2015 (lead co-researcher)

Author of Industry Specific Training Courses

Modules 1-18 ~ CT-AIVEP - (co-author)
Interactive Vocational Education programs utilising technology and contemporary education techniques to accelerate the learning process. Commended by students, tertiary education providers, health professionals and surgeons for the quality of course content and delivery.

Special Industry Specific Projects

CosmeticTattoo.org - 2012-2023 (executive member & co-creator)
MicroPigmentation industries first hybrid platform for education, directory, events, marketing and eService labs.

Author of Industry Specific Publications

Hyper-pigmentary Skin Conditions & Cosmetic Tattooing - 02/01/2013 (co-author)

Clients With Unexplained Loss of Outer Eyebrow Hair - 02/01/2013 (co-author)

Tutorial: Cosmetic Tattoo Hand Piece Covering - 07/01/2013 (author)

Cosmetic Tattooing & MRI’s - Diametric Particle Agitation Hypothesis (DPA) - 19/01/2013 (co-author)

Colour Science & Cosmetic Tattooing - 16/02/2013 (co-author)

Topical Anaesthetics & Cosmetic Procedures - 12/03/2013 (co-author)

Potential Causes of Nosocomial Type Infections in the Salon-Clinic Setting - 24/04/2013 (co-author)

Client Pre-Treatment Screening Questionnaire - 17/05/2013 (co-author)

Stem Cell Research - Inside the Lab - 03/06/2013 (author)

Collaborating & Consulting with Dr. Linda Dixon - 28/06/2013 (author)

Why Do Cosmetic Tattoos Change Colour? - Part 1 & 2 - 14/09/2013 (co-author)

3D Nipple Tattooing a New Service? - 24/10/2013 (author)

Personal Protective Equipment - Are You Covered? - 21/01/2014 (co-author)

Permanent Eyeliner - Avoiding Complications - 10/03/2014 (author)

The SCAPP Scale - Personalising the Micropigmentation Service - 26/07/2014 (author)

Postcards from: Birmingham Alabama - 22/10/2014 (author)

Age of The Alpha Metrosexual - 05/01/2015 (author)

Warm vs. Cool Colours - 12/03/2015 (author)

Hygiene Protocols Update: Surface Cleaning Wipes - 03/06/2015 (co-author)

What Influences the Colour of a Cosmetic Tattoo? - 19/08/2015 (co-author)

Lash or Brow Growth Enhancing Serums & Tattooing - 15/10/2015 (co-author)

MicroBlading - First Things First - 18/02/2016 (co-author)

Carcinomas in Tattoos a Statistical Anomaly - 09/04/2016 (co-author)

Cosmetic Tattoo Training Standards - 01/05/2016  (co-author)

Regulatory Issues : MicroBlading - 18/05/2016 (co-author)

Eyeliner Tattooing vs Dry Eye - 31/08/2016 (co-author)

Author of Published Books

Expert Witness & Expert Opinion

On an ongoing basis Andrea provides expert opinion services to industry members, clients and associated third parties for the purpose of dispute resolution.

Mentor & Consultant

Andrea mentors and consults with micropigmentation technicians and a wide range health professionals locally and internationally on a regular basis and frequently receives requests from clients both locally and internationally seeking guidance and referrals.


You can read the feedback provided by one of the USA's top surgeons here.

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