Age of The Alpha Metrosexual

by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist & Industry Educator
Alpha Metrosexual

If you thought that Makeup Tattooing was just for women think again, an increasing number of men are opting for Cosmetic Tattooing in many forms to enhance their appearance, the Alpha Metrosexual has arrived and he is bolder than ever.

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Q: What is a Metrosexual?

A: A heterosexual male who places high importance on his personal appearance.

What is the Meterosexual's natural habitat?

A: The Metrosexual relishes an urban environment and he gravitates towards locations that provide an upscale lifestyle with exactly the right vibe, ... in a quest for his slice of uptown funk.

Is the Metrosexual thriving?

A: Yes, they are now the alpha males.

Isn't Cosmetic Tattooing just for women, do men really have cosmetic tattooing as well?

A: Let me dispel the myth there is high demand for cosmetic tattooing services for men, men from all walks of life and for a wide variety of services but the Alpha Metrosexual's are leading the charge.

Below is a small sample of the micropigmentation services that I have provided to men (only listing those provided purely for cosmetic reasons) over the past 12 months;

  • Lip Tattooing - changing lip colour and or shape.
  • Eyebrow Tattooing - Improving shape, symmetry, or thickness of the brows.
  • Nipple/Areola Tattooing - Increasing size and or changing colour of the Nipple Areola Complex.
  • Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing™ - Sometimes referred to as scalp micropigmentation.
  • MachoSpots - The male version of a beauty spot, some men miss the facial "Hansom Marks" they had during their youth.
  • GuyLiner - Eyeliner tattooing for men.

Whilst women are becoming increasingly extreme or adventurous in their choices with cosmetic tattooing in contrast men prefer a far more subtle look most men prefer it if the micropigmentation blends in with their natural features rather than becoming a focal point.

Many of my clients tell me that they thought it was great that it took weeks or even months before friends or family finally noticed that their appearance had changed slightly, men also seem to value their privacy far more than women before, during, and after the treatment.

Before GuyLiner

Before GuyLiner

After GuyLiner
(4 Weeks After Healing Second Treatment)

After GuyLiner

Insider Treatment Tips

  • Men want subtle enhancements that blend harmoniously with their natural appearance to give them an edge over the competition in the urban jungle.
  • Many men choose not to share the competitive advantage they have gained from micropigmentation with others.

Q: What occupations are men most likely to have if they have cosmetic tattooing?

A: Men from all occupations have cosmetic tattooing but there definitely seem to be more alpha males among my own client list; business executives, legal professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, media personalities, professional sportsmen, performers, inventors, finance experts, law enforcement, military etc.

I find that male clients who have micropigmentation are much more likely to be career minded people who excel in their field and they consider their appearance to be an important part of their success.

It is the age of the Alpha Metrosexual and over the next few years I expect that we will experience an explosion in demand for all forms of Micropigmentation services from men in search of their own 'Alpha Mojo', particularly once the word gets out that some alpha males have already acquired a subtle advantage over their competition.

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