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by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist & Industry Educator

After more than 10 years of providing free education and marketing to the global Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo industry has retired today, read on to find out more.

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In 2012 I provided a lecture and demonstration to over 500 industry members and medical practitioners on scalp micropigmentation at the Permanent International Congress in Berlin Germany, to say that there was strong interest would be an understatement.


After the presentation I was inundated with questions and requests from attendees and other presenters many of whom described their frustrations in gaining access to reliable information and their concerns that there was always a high price tag attached to any promotional avenue that was available to them at that time. In the weeks after the congress I continued to receive hundreds of emails from cosmetic tattoo technicians from around the globe as the word spread about my presentation from the attendees to others in their home countries.

My partner Derek & I discussed  the challenges that had been raised by industry members and after a lot of brainstorming with our advisory network we decided to launch a place where cosmetic and medical tattooists could promote their brand and gain access to high quality educational information free of charge on a platform that we created and the first of its kind for our industry.

I am proud to say that in a little over 10 years has provided over 32,000 client referrals to our international members and has answered nearly 85,000 enquires by clients and cosmetic tattoo technicians.

Our Educational Articles became so popular that we also had to contend with preventing plagiarism and copyright infringement by other cosmetic tattoo industry members, magazine publishers, associations, manufacturers and even a few health professionals.

As the saying goes "imitation is the highest form of compliment".

Or alternatively;

"Those with knowledge sometimes teach others, those without knowledge sometimes plagiarise to hide their ignorance".

Fast forward beyond the pandemic to 2023 and like many people we have been re-evaluating and prioritizing, has been a fantastic project and we have met, corresponded with, and helped thousands of people. After 10 years of providing a free platform for the global industry we think that we have contributed more than our fair share and felt it was time to retire the Org and focus our time on other projects.

When I told some of our members that was going to retire the first thing all of them said was what about the articles?

Don't worry we have preserved our Educational Articles and our Science Library right here at under Our Publications within our new e-commerce store.

To all of our past members thanks for being part of

Andrea Darby
Co-founder and Executive Group Member of

(the first Global Membership platform for Cosmetic & Medical Tattooists and Micropigmentation Specialists)

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