New Pigment Regulations Proposed for QLD

by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist & Industry Educator
QLD Pigment Regulations

The state of Queensland Australia is in consultation regarding the introduction of new pigment regulations that will place obligations on suppliers & end users (Cosmetic Tattooists) of cosmetic tattoo pigments.

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The proposed regulations are similar but not identical to the new EU pigment standards and it is possible that other Australian states may introduce the same or similar regulations at some stage.

Based upon preliminary enquiries it appeared that if/when the regulatory standards are introduced Cosmetic Tattooists may have to comply with the regulations related to the use of pigments they purchase if there is any possibility that they may be used in QLD or face penalties for non-compliance and compliance officers will be checking.

We encourage all Cosmetic Tattooists to familiarise themselves with any proposed draft legislation if it applies to their business.

Update: 21/05/2021

QLD announced that they have decided to withdraw the proposed amendments while they continue discussions with the industry.

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