Strict New Licence Requirements - NSW Australia

by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist & Industry Educator

Regulators in NSW Australia have introduced strict new licensing requirements in an effort to get tough on crime gangs that are dominating the body art industry in that state.

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The Australian State government of NSW introduced tough new Licensing laws earlier this year in an effort to squeeze bikie gangs out of the industry. Tattoo parlour owners have until 01/October/2013 to apply for a licence or face harsh fines for non compliance.

 ABC News Reported About Police Intentions to Get Tough


NSW Police say that bikie gangs have been using the tattoo industry to operate criminal enterprises such as money laundering and illicit drug distribution. From 1 October 2013 it will be against the law to perform a body art tattoo procedure for a fee or reward without a licence, or to conduct a body art tattooing business without a licence.

Acting Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said; "the NSW Police Force is determined to clean up the tattoo industry".

Strict new licensing requirements for tattoo parlour operators and tattooists include;

  • Disclosure of associates
  • Police checks
  • Finger & palm print records must be provided
  • Identification requirements
  • Licensing requirements for visiting tattooists

At present the new licensing requirements appear to exclude those businesses that are only providing Cosmetic Tattooing services but cosmetic tattooists who also provide petite body art should clarify exactly how the new requirements affect their particular situation.


The ABC 7:30 Report did their own investigation which was recently broadcast on Australian national television.


Click here to read licensing information from the NSW Office of Fair Training


Original publication date: 16/09/2013

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