Perceptions of Healthy Looking and Sexy Looking Brow Thickness

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What make a Sexy looking brow? The author of this article surveyed people to determine just what make a brow sexy.

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Perceptions of Healthy-Looking and Sexy-Looking Brow Thickness.

Abstract: This study aims to determine which brow thickness levels were considered ideal, healthy-looking, young-looking, and sexy-looking by Koreans.

The 163 women and 38 men who visited a brow bar were asked to view illustrations of 4 brow thickness levels defined in terms of the percentage of the eye width at the lateral canthus: very thin (VTn-1/6) (16% of eye width), thin (Tn-1/5) (20%), medium (Med-1/4) (25%), and thick (Tk-1/3) (33%) and to choose which they thought were ideal, young-looking, healthy-looking, and sexy-looking.

The results may be used as guidelines for patient or customer preferences in facial rejuvenation operations, brow aesthetics, or tattooing.

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Journal of Craniofacial Surgery: February 23, 2018 - Volume Publish Ahead of Print.

Authors: Hwang K, Kim H.
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In this article the authors have sought the subjective opinions of Korean participants in relation to their perceptions of what they consider to be ideal/healthy/young/sexy eyebrow thickness.

Their results concluded that Med-1/4 was the brow thickness most often considered to be ideal (61.2%), Tk-1/3 was the thickness most often considered to be young-looking (40.8%) & was also the thickness most often considered to healthy-looking (48.8%), Tn-1/5 (40.8%) was the thickness most often considered to be sexy-looking (among both sexes).

Therefore around 1/3 for brow thickness to look young & healthy, 1/5 to look sexy or 1/4 for ideal.

Whilst interesting it needs to be born in mind that this is a study of a single ethnic group (Korean) evaluating perceptions of brow thickness relative to the eye at the medial canthus, other factors also need to be taken into consideration such as;

  • Length of the brow

  • Height or the arch

  • Shape of the brow (relative to face shape & morphology)

  • Position of the brow (relative to facial morphology)

  • Colour of the brow (relative to skin and hair colour)

  • Density of the brow


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