Medical tattooing, the new frontiers - a case of nail bed treatment

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The authors describe the use of medical tattooing to improve the appearance of a patients toe following removal of the nail due to onychocryptosis hallux (ingrown toenail).

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Medical tattooing, the new frontiers: a case of nail bed treatment.

Abstract: The primary objective of medical tattooing is to restore part of a patient's physical integrity. Moreover, the procedure seeks to assist in psychological recovery from the physical and/or psychological consequences of disease, surgery or trauma. The method described in this brief note marks a step forward in the field of such tattooing. The treatment simulates reconstruction of the nail bed, as the nails of the big toes had previously been removed through a surgical avulsion procedure. This treatment, agreed with the physician and performed by a tattooist with proven experience in medical tattooing, also involved the use of specific colour nuances that resulted in an extremely realistic outcome.
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Ann Ist Super Sanita - Oct-Dec 2017.

Authors: Renzoni A, Pirrera A, Lepri A, Cammarata P, Molinaro R, Dalla Vedova A.
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Over the past 10-20 years medical tattooing evolved to provide a wide range of camouflage applications to compliment surgical interventions, camouflage of missing toe nails is one such service that has been routinely carried out by medical tattooists.


Scientific Report,  medical tattoo, dermo-pigmentation, camouflage, nail bed, onychocryptosis hallux


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