Are You Thinking About Purchasing Second Hand Equipment?

by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist & Industry Educator
Second Hand

Are you thinking about purchasing a second hand cosmetic tattoo device?

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If you are considering purchasing second hand equipment, or equipment from a supplier who is not an authorised agent for the manufacturer or you are just unsure about the supplier.

Be aware that there are some unscrupulous people who may provide you false information about the equipment, may try to sell you fake or replica equipment and it is possible the device may have become damaged or contaminated during use due to the use of fake accessories or needle cartridges.

I have even seen instances where an unsuspecting buyer has actually purchased a second hand device with no warranty and paid hundreds of dollars more than it would have cost to purchase the device brand new with a warranty.

For this reason we generally advise against the purchase of second hand cosmetic tattoo devices but if you are determined to purchase second hand or from any supplier that you are unsure about then to help to protect yourself against unscrupulous people we suggest that you ask the seller to complete the sellers declaration on the form below.

If the seller refuses to complete the document then you can safely assume that something is up.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Equipment - Sellers Declaration

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