Image Gallery: Hyperkeratotic hypersensitivity reaction to red pigment tattoo

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The images in this report from the Department of Dermatology, Academic Tattoo Clinic Amsterdam, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands show a reaction localized to the areas of a tattoo that has red pigment.

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Image Gallery: Hyperkeratotic hypersensitivity reaction to red pigment tattoo.

Abstract: A 38-year-old woman was referred to the department of dermatology because of an itching skin disorder localized in the red part of a multicoloured tattoo on the right forearm. The authors described that the patients had no other skin abnormalities or tattoo complaints. On physical examination, the author observed an elevated and partly hyperkeratotic plaque in the red area with acneiform inclusions in the dermis.

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British Journal of Dermatology - 2017 Dec.

Authors: van der Bent SAS, Maijer KI, Rustemeyer T.
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The authors discuss the presentation of the case and histopathological evaluation which showed interface dermatitis, lymphohistiocytic inflammation and cyst-like structures with epithelium and keratotic material. The authors diagnosed a hypersensitivity reaction to the red tattoo pigment.


Scientific Report,  hypersensitivity, reaction, red ink, body art tattoo


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