Scarless Breast Reconstruction: Indications and Techniques for Optimizing Aesthetic Outcomes

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Scarless surgery has been an elusive goal in plastic surgery, but for a subset of patients breast reconstruction without visible scars is possible.

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Scarless Breast Reconstruction: Indications and Techniques for Optimizing Aesthetic Outcomes in Autologous Breast Reconstruction.

Abstract: In this article the author; "reviews a cohort of 10 patients who underwent 14 autologous breast reconstructions. To achieve a reconstruction without visible breast scars, the mastectomy and autologous reconstruction are carried out through a periareolar incision. At the completion of the reconstruction, a small skin paddle is externalized through the mastectomy incision and in a subsequent stage entirely incorporated into a nipple areola reconstruction.

Following completion of the breast and nipple areola reconstruction, a tattoo is performed that extends beyond the perimeter of the reconstructed areola and conceals all scars on the breast mound. The ideal candidate for this technique has a small or medium size breast, which is non- or minimally ptotic, and a donor site that can yield a flap larger than the volume of the native breast. In properly selected patients, this technique consistently yields high-quality results, which match or even surpass the aesthetics of the original breast"
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open. February 2018 - Volume 6 - Issue 2 - p e1685.

Authors: Dec, Wojciech MD.
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The author describes the important role that areola tattooing can play in contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the NAC complex post mastectomy and reconstruction particularly in regards to the camouflage of scar tissue associated with NAC reconstruction. These types of objective assessments by the medical experts validate the contribution that para/medical micropigmentation services can make to the final result of reconstructive breast surgery which is of crucial importance to those who aspire to evidence based practice.


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