Granulomatous reaction to permanent eyebrow makeup treated with topical steroids

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Granuloma and granulomatous type skin lesions have been associated with body art tattoos (conventional tattoos) for a long time and there are numerous reports within the medical literature due to the wide range of colourants used in the body art industry, these types of reactions can also occur after cosmetic tattooing particularly if body art inks are used or if cosmetic tattoo pigments contain colourants that have higher association with inflammatory skin responses.

Granuloma's are identified as a raised rash or bumps (small nodules), which may occur when immune cells clump together and create tiny nodules at the site of an infection or inflammation.

This case report discusses a granulomatous skin reaction after eyebrow tattooing.

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Title: Granulomatous reaction to permanent eyebrow makeup successfully treated with topical steroids in combination with topical tacrolimus.
Overview: Case report of granulomatous reaction in an eyebrow tattoo from Japan involving localised Violaceous/brown firm papules on the right eyebrow and histopathology showed scattered brownish-black colourants present in and around some granuloma.

The authors noted that "although PMU can cause several adverse reactions, similar to traditional tattoos, the risks are not fully known". Detailed illustrations available on publishers website via the links below.
Industry Significance Rating: Medium - Industry wide monitoring is recommended.

European Journal of Dermatology - Volume 27, issue 6, November-December 2017;7(6):652-654.DOI : 10.1684/ejd.2017.3106

Authors: Iwayama T, Fukumoto T, Horita N, Sakaguchi M, Oka M, Terashi H.
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The authors discuss the presentation of the case, clinical appearance, histopathological examination and the successful outcome from course of treatment involving topical steroid therapy.


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