Case series: Two cases of eyeball tattoos with short-term complications

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The shocking pictures from these two cases of complications from eyeball tattooing should be enough to put even the most die hard tattoo fan off from having this procedure.

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Case series: Two cases of eyeball tattoos with short-term complications.

Abstract: The authors: "report two cases of eyeball tattoos with short-term post procedural complications.

Observations: Case 1 is a 26-year-old Mexican man that developed orbital cellulitis and posterior scleritis 2 h after an eyeball tattoo. Patient responded satisfactorily to systemic antibiotic and corticosteroid treatment. Case 2 is a 17-year-old Mexican man that developed two sub-episcleral nodules in the ink injection sites immediately after the procedure.

Conclusions and importance: Eyeball tattoos are performed by non-ophthalmic trained personnel. There are a substantial number of short-term risks associated with this procedure. Long-term effects on the eyes and vision are still unknown, but in a worst case scenario could include loss of vision or permanent damage to the eyes."
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American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports , 2016 Nov Volume 5 , 26 - 28.

Authors: Duarte G, Cheja R, Pachón D, Ramírez C, Arellanes L.
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Conjunctival tattooing is a very high risk service that has predominantly been provided by a very small percentage of body art tattooist (non-medical and non-ophthalmic trained personnel) there are several cases within the literature of adverse outcomes from this service and the potential for harm is extreme.


Clients who request any form of eyeball tattooing services should be advised that this type of procedure is well beyond the scope of a tattooist and should only be performed by qualified ophthalmic surgeons for legitimate medical reasons.


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