Complete regrowth of hair following scalp tattooing in a patient with alopecia universalis

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Anecdotally many people who have undergone Scalp Micropigmentation have reported a slight increase in the fine vellus hair on their scalp (sometimes referred to as peach fuzz) a week or two after scalp tattooing, usually this is only temporary. This particular case report details something entirely different ....

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Complete regrowth of hair following scalp tattooing in a patient with alopecia universalis.

Abstract: A 56-year-old female with a medical history of arterio-vascular malformation that was surgically corrected and Alopecia Universalis experienced spontaneous hair regrowth following ink tattooing of the scalp.
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JAAD Case Reports, 04 Nov 2022, 31:102-104.

Authors: Amanda Ramnot DO, Sydney Resnik MD, Barry Resnik MD.
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This medical case report details a very unique circumstance where a patient with Alopecia Universalis had spontaneous regrowth of the hair on her head shortly after having a conventional tattoo performed on the entire scalp in an effort to camouflage her hair loss. The authors note that they were unable to find any similar cases in the medical literature and that "it remains possible that hair growth could have occurred without any intervention", nonetheless this is an intriguing case report.


Scientific Report, alopecia, alopecia, areata, autoimmune, hair, loss, scalp, micropigmentation, tattoo


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