Pre Order: Creatip Needle Module for Amiea Supreme - Vytal-18

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Pre Order: Creatip Module
Vytal-18 for Amiea Supreme
Minimum order = 40
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~For low shallow depth skin needling techniques, ideal for low impact facial treatments.

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Minimum quantity for "Pre Order: Creatip Needle Module for Amiea Supreme - Vytal-18" is 40.

Creatip Safety Needle Modules for Linelle Supreme
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Needle Specifications

Needle Arrangement



Needle shaft/tip diameter
Product Code
Vytal-18 creatip

0.2 mm
Vytal facial techniques, each cartridge has 18 plastic needles and 13 small holes.
Depth: 0.3mm, effective depth of 0.00mm-0.3mm (via hand piece adjustment).

Vytal – ideal for low impact facial treatments!

*Patents: US 6,505,530; US 6,345,553; DE 299 19 199; EP 1 495 782; EP 1 618 915; EP 1 882 492; EP 1 743 673; further patents pending.

Amiea creatip needle modules are hygienically sealed. This prevents leaks, spills, and “reflux”.

  • Tilting needle plate adapts to the surface of the skin
  • Assures perpendicular needle penetration
  • Less snagging on the skin surface
  • Minimal epidermal trauma
  • Safety membrane prevent backflow of the liquids
  • No risk for contamination of the handpiece
  • Sterile and for single use only
  • Low consumable costs
  • 13 small holes for the application of your desired skin products

Top quality needles ensure precise, clean punctures, minimal penetration pain and fast healing far superior to conventional permanent makeup needles.

Changing the modules is fast and simple, and each module fulfills the highest hygiene and safety standards.

The needles within the creatip modules are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and the 'Needle Puncture Demonstration' below shows the comparative trauma that a standard rotary pen needle can cause compared to the clean precision punctures made by a creatip needle.

The creatip needle modules are incredible, no more mucking around with needles, tips, casings and transmissions shafts, creatip modules replace all those fiddly components with one single use sterile needle chamber that is completely separated from the hand piece to prevent flow back contamination. For safety when the machine is turned off the creatip needle automatically retracts thus helping to prevent needle stick injuries.

Creatip Needle Puncture Comparison

Larger frayed punctures by rotary pen Clean small punctures by Amiea needles

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