Single Needle Cartridge for Compatibility Testing

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Amiea Needle Module
1-Cartridge for
Compatibility Testing
Minimum order = 1

~You can purchase a single needle cartridge to test compatibility with your device prior to placing a larger order.

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Many technicians find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having purchased an mt.derm manufactured machine from another distributor and then discover that they are an unreliable supplier or keep an inadequate range of cartridges or their cartridges are just too expensive.

Here at CTshop we stock a good supply of the full range of all three cartridge types and they are sometimes compatible with other mt.derm manufactured devices (but we do not warrant that our cartridge will be compatible with any device that was not purchased from us) for your convenience you can purchase a single cartridge from us to check the compatibility with your device;

Select the cartridge type that you normally use for your existing hand piece we stock three different varieties;

  • Creatip (1/4 turn bayonet fitting) for Linelle Supreme classic hand piece.
  • Creatip Twist (full turn twist on fitting) for Linelle 1 & 2, Facile & Symphony.
  • TPA (click on fitting) for Sense & Precise Hand piece.

You will be sent a single cartridge (a random needle profile subject to availability at the time of ordering), after testing if you find that our cartridges are not compatible with your machine then you also have the option of purchasing one of our hand pieces from us.

Often we are able to supply an adaptor so that one of our high quality hand pieces can be attached to your mt.derm manufactured device (please check with us).

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Creatip Needle Puncture Comparison

Larger frayed punctures by rotary pen Clean small punctures by Amiea needles

Amiea creatip needle modules are hygienically sealed. This prevents leaks, spills, and “reflux”.

Top quality needles ensure precise, clean punctures, minimal penetration pain and fast healing far superior to conventional permanent makeup needles.

Changing the modules is fast and simple, and each module fulfills the highest hygiene and safety standards.

The needles within the creatip modules are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and the 'Needle Puncture Demonstration' below shows the comparative trauma that a standard rotary pen needle can cause compared to the clean precision punctures made by a creatip needle.

The Amiea needle modules are incredible, no more mucking around with needles, tips, casings and transmissions shafts, creatip modules replace all those fiddly components with one single use sterile needle chamber that is completely separated from the hand piece to prevent flow back contamination. For safety when the machine is turned off the creatip needle automatically retracts thus helping to prevent needle stick injuries.

CTshop - Amiea Needle Cartridges (472 Kb) [Download]

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