Amiea Linelle Supreme

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Amiea - Linelle Supreme
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~After using any alternative device I always come back to the Amiea Linelle Supreme due to its reliability, versatility and precision.

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Amiea Linelle Supreme is the world's leading manufacturer bestseller for good reason, I have used almost every high end device available and I always come back to the Linelle Supreme due to its reliability, versatility and precision. 

The digital display allows you to easily control the penetrations per second frequency during the treatment. The slim hand piece is made of aluminium, is just 80g and perfectly balanced, it sits extremely comfortably in the hand as a result. You will grow to love its ergonomic design especially when carrying out longer treatments. The needle cartridges are easy to insert with a quarter turn and are the most environment friendly due to the small size of the disposable cartridge. Last but not least, it is very quiet-running and low-vibration – a great plus for your clients and for the technicians hands.

Dedicated to make your work easier and your creations even more beautiful, Amiea have designed the Amiea Linelle Supreme to deliver the most reliable, high precision results. Amiea is the manufacturers private label and consequently the range offers the cutting edge in Cosmetic Tattooing products. This machine has retailed up to the equivalent of AU$4,500 in Europe so CT Shop is offering you a fantastic price.

The sleek, intuitive control unit with its digital controlled hand piece ensure needle precision and allows the cosmetic tattoo expert to focus fully on their work. With its two interfaces, the Linelle Supreme can connect to two cosmetic pens simultaneously, letting you switch even more easily between different colours or needle configurations. Light and compact, the Amiea Linelle supreme operates with minimal noise and vibration, takes up little space, and is easily transported, the simple control panel understates the intelligent internal processor capability.

  • Manufacturers bestseller
  • Digital control display
  • Hygienic, easy-care surface
  • High precision, strength and needle speed
  • Extremely quiet, lowest vibration possible
  • Ports for two hand pieces
  • Safe, hygienic creatip needle cartridges
  • Compact, portable base station with foot control
  • Carefully balanced hand piece with excellent grip
  • Adjustable insertion depth, adjustable frequency
  • Rated voltage 100 - 240 V AC / 15 V DC
  • Power input 7 VA max
  • Width x height x depth 261 x 89 x 219 mm
  • Weight 900 g
  • The ergonomic hand piece
  • The easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, sleek base station
  • The convenient pen holder
  • Foot switch
  • The power adapter (with Australian plug)
  • 2 year warranty
  • User Manual
  • Capacity 1,1 W
  • Frequency 50-150 PPS (penetrations per second)
  • Weight 80 g
  • Diameter 22 mm
  • Pen length with cartridge 197 mm
  • Pen length without cartridge 163 mm
  • Cable length 2 m
  • Material aluminium
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Welcome letter from Andrea with the following free inclusions;

  • Creatip Selection & Speed Setting Guide & Pigment Reference Chart pdf (download after checkout)
  • Hand-piece Covering Tutorial pdf (download after checkout)
  • Free Shipping!

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This is a fantastic machine at a great price so be quick, Available Now!

Creatip Needles Available Separately

The ergonomically designed cosmetic pen with its easily adjustable needle depth feels like a natural extension of your hand and lets you work steadily and precisely. It is compatible with the full range of ingenious creatip cartridges hygienically sealed to avoid spills and backflows and available in numerous shapes and needle configurations for every application. Amiea creatip needle modules are hygienically sealed. This prevents leaks, spills, and “reflux”.

Top quality needles ensure precise, clean punctures, minimal penetration pain and fast healing far superior to conventional permanent makeup needles.

Changing the modules is fast and simple, and each module fulfills the highest hygiene and safety standards, unlike other needle chambers the Linelle Supreme's Creatip's are clear and see through enabling you to see how much pigment is remaining at glance,

The needles within the creatip modules are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and the 'Needle Puncture Demonstration' below shows the comparative trauma that a standard rotary pen needle can cause compared to the clean precision punctures made by a creatip needle.

The creatip needle modules are incredible, no more mucking around with needles, tips, casings and transmissions shafts, creatip modules replace all those fiddly components with one single use sterile needle chamber that is completely separated from the hand piece to prevent flow back contamination. For safety when the machine is turned off the creatip needle automatically retracts thus helping to prevent needle stick injuries.

Creatip Needle Puncture Comparison

Larger frayed punctures by rotary pen Clean small punctures by Amiea needles

Amiea Linelle Supreme - Data Sheet (2,049 Kb) [Download]

CTshop - Amiea Needle Cartridges (472 Kb) [Download]

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