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Linelle Supreme - Creatip, Speed Setting, Pigment Colour User Guides - pdf

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Education: User Guides PDF
Creatip & Pigment
User Guides

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~User guides provide you;
1 - An introduction to a starter selection of Creatip Needles & penetration speeds.
2 - Quick reference guides for Amiea Pigment Colours.


This product is electronically distributed.

When purchasing a new digital machine Cosmetic Tattooists often need to spend a significant amount of time establishing the best needle configurations, speed settings and pigment colours to use for standard Permanent Makeup procedures. It also takes time to establish which needle modules and pigment colours tend to be the best starting range to ensure you have a functional starting kit at the most cost efficient price. Whilst the manufacturers product information and the machine user manual provide important information our user guides will assist you with a fast learning curve for the standard range of permanent makeup procedures.

This  publication is provided via a downloadable pdf, a download link is available at the checkout after payment, they are security protected files to protect our copyright that are printable.

If you wish to have a hard copy of this publication you can purchase a version printed double sided on laminated card for durability and quick reference in your treatment room.

NB. A single copy of our user guides are provided free of charge to our customers who purchase a Linelle Supreme from us.

Details about this publication

Pages: 15
Time spent on preparatory research: 120 hours

Topic Amiea Linelle Supreme Starter Guides

Introduction: The guides should assist you with;

1 - A guide to selection of your Creatip Needle Modules & needle penetration speeds for different procedures.
2 - Quick reference guides for / Lips / Brow / Eyeliner / Camo / for the Amiea Pigment Colours.

Creatip & Speed Setting Guide

Hair Strokes

Fine Lip-line
Medium Lip-line
Fuller Lip-line
Lip Blend
Full Lip

Lash Enhancement Fine
Lash Enhancement Thick
Fine/Medium Eyeliner
Thicker Eyeliner

Amiea Pigment Guide (Organic Line / Evolution Line)
Single page quick reference guides for / Lips / Brow / Eyeliner / Camo / for the Amiea Pigment Colours with brief comments for each pigment colour.

Amiea Pigment Colour Guide
Quick Reference Colour Charts supplied by amiea (added free of charge)

If your chosen equipment supplier is not providing you with this sort of information as a standard inclusion ask yourself why are you purchasing from them?

CTshop - Amiea Needle Cartridges (472 Kb) [Download]

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